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Welcome to the Visa Section

visaThe Consular Section of the Embassy of Angola in the Arab Republic of Egypt has authority to accept visa applications for all legal residents in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as in other countries in the region such as Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Jordan and State of Palestine. Non-Community citizens legally resident in Egypt must submit a passport stamped with a visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Affairs) and with a minimum validity of six (6) months (visa).
The purchase of an airline ticket does not imply granting of the visa.
The visa application must be submitted with proof of payment.
Applications are considered on the basis of information provided in the application form with supporting required documentation and information about previous visits to Angola. It is therefore essential that the applicant fills out the form completely, answering all questions and submitting photocopies of all required documents as described on the website. Failure to meet any of the requirements implies the rejection of the process.

The visa application may be rejected and the entry into Angola may be banned for 10 years if you use a false document, lie or withhold relevant information. The ban will apply to those who violate immigration laws in Angola. Travelers who submit a false travel document or passport to the Angolan immigration authorities whether by themselves and / or their children are committing an offense. People found guilty of this crime can be sentenced to a sentence of two years in prison or a fine (or both).


The stay in Angola beyond the validity of the visa requires the payment of a penalty in the amount of $ 200.00 per each day of residence and causes extreme difficulties to get a visa in the future.


The lack of proof of inoculation against yellow fever in the last ten years may imply heavy fines, exclusion and / or the vaccination on site.

What is the visa you need?

The visa application form may be removed from our website and can be photocopies of a good quality standard and signature must be original. Otherwise forms will be returned.

ORDINARY VISA - AFamily Affairs, vacation, business contacts, meetings, conferences and charity or religious eventsRequirements.

SHORT STAY VISA emergency meetings, conferences, medical circumstances or accidents, deaths, etc... Technicians ordered to repair machines in the oil sector or sailors joining a ship docked in Angolan ports. Requirements.

TOURIST VISA   Pleasure, sport and cultural activities.Requirements.

TRANSIT VISA  scale in Angola. Requirements.

WORK VISA – authorized temporary employment for public or private companies. Requirements.

TEMPORARY RESIDENCE VISAS  - to establish temporary residence in Angola. Requirements

TEMPORARY STAY VISA- humanitarian reasons, mission to a religious institution, scientific research, accompanying a relative holder of a study visa, visa for medical treatment, privileged visa, work visa, member of the family of the holder of a valid residence permit or spouse of Angolan citizen. Requirements.

PRIVILEGED VISA implementation of approved investment in accordance with the Private Investment Law. Requirements.

STUDENT VISA  - to enroll in educational programs in public or private schools or professional teaching or studies for obtaining an academic degree, to have a stage in private companies. Requirements.

VISA FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT - to submit medical treatment in a public or private medical facility. Requirements.


 The requirements are applicable to all countries except Namibian citizens who are exempt.
The passport must be valid for at least nine 9 months and 2 two blank pages;
All original Letters of Invitation should accompany the application form for a visa, regardless of copy sent to the Consular Section by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

 How to apply for a visa

 The visa application should only be made in person at the Consular Section located at: 12, Midan Fouad Mohy El-Dine, Mohandiseen - Cairo - Egypt Tel: 33377602/37498259, Fax: 33378683.

 Schedule of the Consular Section:

  Days of reception of processes: From Mondays to Thursdays, from 09:30 to 14:00 and Fridays from 09:00 to 12:30;

NOTE 1: Failure to comply with any of the points implies the rejection of the process.

NOTE 2: Whenever is necessary the Consular Section reserves the right to require the submission of other documents, as well ell as a call for interview.

NOTE 3: Applications are available for printing or online filling in visa forms.

 Visa processing

 The visa processing time is described on each page viewed. In case of withdrawal of the passport before the process is complete, the visa will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded. In special circumstances, payment can be reused for a new application, but the cases are decided individually.

The Consular Section is not responsible for loss of flight time travel, if the process takes longer than expected. Most visas do not require the purchase of an airline ticket, only one reservation.

The purchase of the ticket does not imply the granting of the visa.

 Visa requirements

 Visa requirements can be found in the pages of each specific visa. In case you need more information We can be contacted via phone terminal:. 023 335 7279, your contact is important and will make every effort to answer you with maximum convenience.