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president    President:  José Eduardo dos Santos  


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vice president


    Vice President  : Manuel Domingos Vicent


The Vice-President is an auxiliary organ of the President of the Republic, in the exercise of executive task.





 edeltrudes maurcio fernandes gaspar da costa



 Minister of State and Head of Civil Affairs


Edeltrudes Maurício Fernandes Gaspar da Costa


The main purpose is to maintain and adequate the acceptance, credibility and trust environment to the nation interests in order to generate a clear understanding of the public institution image.






 manuel hlder




Minister of State and Head of Safety Affairs


Manuel Hélder Vieira Dias Jr.l


The Minister of State and Head of Safety Affairs was empowered in February 2010, within the reformulation of the new Constitution of the Country.








Jos Luis de Matos


José Luís de Matos


Minister of Social Communition


This government organ has the relevant task of organizing, controlling and executing the national policy in terms of information.










Rosa Maria Martins da Cruz e SilvaRosa Maria Martins da Cruz e Silva  


Minister of Culture


This is the government organ, which is responsible to design and lead the development of culture policy in Angola. The cultural agents need to act under the ministry promotion and guarantee.












Cndido Pereira dos Santos Van Dnem


 Cândido Pereira dos Santos Van-Dúnem


 Ministro da Defesa Nacional no âmbito da reformulação da nova  Constituição da República de Angola.







Abraho Pio dos Santos Gourgel




Abraão Pio dos Santos Gourge 


Minister of Economy


The mission of this Ministry is to propose, formulate, coordinate, perform, evaluate and let people know about Government policy to decisions that stimulate private and public business activity.






Pinda Simo



MPinda Simão   


Minister of Education


 The mission is to establish definitions, coordinate, perform and evaluate the education system as well as the national education policy and the national policy for professional training.





Maria Filomena de Ftima   


Maria Filomena de Fátima Lobão Telo Delgado 


Minister of Family and Woman Promotion  


Being a government organ, it designs, and performs the national policy, for protection and guarantee of woman rights, in the family and in the society.





minister of geology and mining




Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz 


Minister of Geology and Mining


The intention to give a new life in this sector will only be possible if based on a clear vision, heading to the same direction of the Government ruling program. The vision must be based on solid values, seeking the goal of putting man and community life growth as priority number one.





Minister of Defense 


Cândido Pereira dos Santos Van-Dúnem


Minister of Defense


This govern department of central administration is the responsible to prepare and perform the national defense policy






Rui Jorge Carneiro Mangueira  


Rui Jorge Carneiro Mangueira


Minister of Justice and Humam Rights


This ministry as an organ of Central Government leads, executes and supervises the justice administration.





Gonalves Manuel Muandumba


     Gonçalves Manuel Muandumba


Minister of Youth and Sports


This ministry secures the implementation of youth and sports policy of the state.






Jos Vieira Dias Van Dnem




José Vieira Dias Van-Dúnem


Minister of Health 


The initials MINSA, stands for Health Ministry. It is the state central administration organ, which perfoms, and supervises health national policy.






Armando Manuel    


Armando Manuel


Minister of Finance


This ministry iis the responsible to elaborate, perform, supervise and control the State General Budget, administration of State properties, treasury management and also for the financial balance warranty within the country and abroad.





Georges Rebelo Pinto CHIKOTI    


George Rebelo Chicoti 


Minister of Foreign Affairs


This Ministry is the state organism responsible to coordinate and perform the Angolan external policy abroad.





Jos Carvalho da Rocha


José de Carvalho da Rocha


Minister of Telecommunication and Information Tecnologies


It proposes the formulation, leads, perform, and control the government policy, in terms of telecommunication.








Maria de Ftima M. Jardim 


Maria de Fátima Monteiro Jardim 


Minister of Environment


This is the ministry which coordinates, design, perform and supervise the environment policy of the country. For example, biodiversity, environment technologies, environment prevention and evaluation  impacts.






Rosa Escrcio Pacavira de Matos


Rosa Escórcio Pacavira de Matos


Minister of Commerce


The task of this ministry is to design, perform, supervise and control the commercial policy, in order to regulate and lead the commerce activity.    




Maria Candida Pereira Teixeira  


Maria Cândida Pereira Teixeira


Minister of Science and Technology


The mission of this ministry is to propose the formulation, lead, perform, and control the government policy on high teaching, science and technology.




ngelo 1 de Barros   


Ângelo de Barros Veiga Tavares


Minister of Interior


This ministry promotes the formulation, coordination and execution of order and safety within the Angolan borders. It also deals with the control of foreigners? arrival, stay, residence and departure.





   Job Graa




Job Graça


Minister of Planning and Territory Development


It coordinates the planning technical issues, define strategic planning for economic nad social development.






waldemar pires alexandre



Waldemar Pires Alexandre


Minister of ConstructionIt has the mission of proposing the formulation, leading, executing, and controlling the Government policy, in terms of territory organization, urbanism, habitation and building.




Augusto da Silva Toms    


Augusto da Silva Tomás 


Minister of TransportsThis Government organ is the responsible for the elaboration, execution, supervision, and control of the transport policy in Angola






Jos B. de Vasconcelos   


José Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos 


Minister of Oil


Its mission is to perform the national policy of every oil activity in the country, for better coordination, supervision and control.